I’m very happy to see my swords raising so much interest, and thank you for your questions. I am not a company, I swordsmith because I like it, in my free time. I’m the only swordsmith with a CD Project’s license for making and selling witcher swords.

Photos were made by: http://www.michalsygut.com/

– What materials are the swords made of and are they suitable for fighting?
The swords are forged from spring steel 50HF (US 6150), tempered and cured to 50-55 HRC hardness. The handles are made from surgical steel, wood and leather. The swords are fine for sparrings and can be sharpened. The weight of the swords is between 1,2-1,6kg, depending on the type, the Point of Balance is no more than 10 cm (Usually 7 cm).

– Are the swords for sale?
I make the swords only on individual comission, one or two tops at the same time for one customer. I have a day job, so swordsmithing is something I do in my spare time – this means the time of completing the commission might vary.

– What is the price?
Depending on the model and the details, the swords range from 750 euro for a basic one, to most advanced swords at 1400 euro. Additional fee applies for runes, scabbards, etc. More info in commission.

– Does the level of the sword reflect its quality?
– No, each of my swords is made with exceptional care to detail and dedication. The levels, based on the Witcher 3 game are solely for pricing purposes.

– What’s the shipping cost?
The shipping price depends on the customer’s choice of shipping company and their location. I ship the swords in sturdy wooden boxes and each parcel is insured.

– Are they handmade?
Yes swords are forged and handmade, every one is unique. It also goes for scabbards, clasps and other elements.

– Can I modify the examples from your galery?
Yes, each sword can be personalized – both the shape and the technique of production.

– Is it possible to draw a longsword from a scabbard on your back?
Yes, and I’ve designed a special scabbard just for that reason. More info in the “accessories” tab.

– Do you also make other things?
Yes, I’m interested in metaloplasty in general. As a special commission I can make virtually anything as long as my abilities and workshop allow me to.

– Are the silver swords really silver?
They can be – if the customer wants to, the swords can be galvanized in silver. The drawback of this solution is a thin laye