Geralt of Rivia Steel Sword


Geralt of Rivia Steel Sword (level IV)

An exact replica of the witcher sword as seen in the promo materials of Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

The sword was forged from spring steel 50 HF and hardened ( the HRC depends on the intended use). The crossguards is made of carbon steel, elements of the handle and the pommel are made of surgical steel S300. The grip is covered in natural leather. It has been made using historical, reconstructed techniques The pivot runs through the pommel.

Depending on your preference the swords can be made in three different variations:
1. Battle version- historical POB and shapr edges. 55 HRC.
2. Training version- thicker edges (2-2,5 mm) and POB closer to the hilt 50 HRC.
3. Dulled – 1mm edges. Such sword is not subject to most law restrictions in certain countries. The edges can be sharpened. 50-55 HRC.

Sample parameters:
length: 122 cm
weight: 1,75 kg
POB: 8 cm
hilt lenght: 25 cm