Geralt of Rivia Silver Sword


Geralt of Rivia Silver Sword (level III)
A precise replica of the witcher sword shown in the promo materials of Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.
The inscription is a witcher classic: Dubhenn haern am glândeal, morc’h am fhean aiesin – My gleam cuts through darkness, my light  disperses the shadows.

The sword has been forged from 50 HF spring steel and hardened The crossguard has been made with carbon steel soldered with brass. Parts o the grip and blade are made from surgical steel S300. The grip is covered in genuine leather.

Depending on your preference the sword can be made in III versions:
1. A battle sword – historical POB and sharp edges. 55 HRC.
2. A training sword – thicker edges (2-2,5 mm) and POB closer to the crossguard.50 HRC.
3. Dulled – 1mm edges. The sword is not subject to some of the law restrictions in some countries. The edges can be sharpened, the HRC can be adjusted to the buyers preference.

Sample specification
length: 122 cm
blade: 90 cm
weight: 1.4 kg
POB: 6 cm
hilt length: 24cm