I don’t have a store with ready-made swords – each and every one you’ve seen in my gallery is made to order according to the customer’s wishes. The price depends on many factors – how complicated the sword is, what materials were used and accessories, usually 750-1400 euro.

The prices are in euros because that was the preferred currency of my customers so far.

If you like what I do and you’d like to order – contact me via e-mail or FB. To make things swifter attach a photo or a link to the sword you’d liek to order (or it’s name according to the above list) and what’s your intended use.

Depending on your preference the sword can be made in III versions:

1. A battle sword – historical POB and sharp edges. 55 HRC.

2. A training sword – thicker edges (2-2,5 mm) and POB closer to the crossguard.50 HRC.

3. Dulled – 1mm edges. The sword is not subject to some of the law restrictions in some countries. The edges can be sharpened, the HRC can be adjusted to the buyers preference.

I can also make a scabbard for back carry. The price depends on the details and materials used. Usually around 400-600 euro.

The last element are the runes.  I can etch any symbols or messages. The price of an inscription depends on the amount of letters and how complicated the drawing is. The standar order is the name of the sword with a one-sentence inscription and two ‘magic’ symbols. This set is around 200 euros.

Each sword can be customized according to your wishes or you can order a sword of your own design.

After I receive the message, I’ll contact you and give you a suggested date of handing over the project (if everything goes well). Please keep in mind that swordsmithing is my hobby, I do it in my spare time. Making a single sword takes around 2 weeks, so I can’t do big comission batches.

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